# Set up your Obsidian for Bible Study If your Obsidian is already set up, it's time to [[Start connecting Scripture]] and practice [[Connected Biblical Thinking]]. ## Step 1: The Basics * **Get familiar with your note-taking program**. This kit is specifically for Obsidian but principles might still work in other programs like Roam or TiddlyWiki. * **Start taking notes**. Take new notes or transcribe old notes. The most important thing is to start creating and connecting notes. ## Step 2: How to get the Bible in your vault A Bible in Markdown already accompanies this kit. You can copy the folder into your own vault for personal usage. Make sure to also use [[CSS tweaks for Obsidian Publish]] for a smoother reading experience. The translation I am using is the WEB due to it's generous copyright guidelines. For importing other translations, use the [[BibleGateway-to-Obsidian Script]]. Get familiar with navigating the Bible in Obsidian. Follow the link and start in the beginning: [[Gen 1]]. ## Step 3: Get familiar with the Bible in Obsidian [[The Bible]] accompanying this kit is structured in three layers of emergence: 1. **Chapter**: Each chapter is one file. Example: [[John 3]] 2. **Book**: Each book is both a folder and a note. Example: [[John]]. Use the book notes for an overview and commentary on the book 3. **Scripture**: All books are in one overview note: [[The Bible]]. From here you can jump into different books. Using Obsidian's linking features, we can effortlessly jump between different layers of structure. ## Get going Now that everything is set up and you're familiar with it, [[Start connecting Scripture]]!